Plans for Slim Chickens at Colchester Northern Gateway revealed

Chicken restaurant Slim Chickens is set to take up a vacant restaurant space at the developing Northern Gateway Leisure Park, just off the A12.

A planning application has been submitted to Colchester Council asking for consent to install advertisement signage for the restaurant, which will be next to the approved Kervan Kitchen site.

The signs include a large LED illuminated Slim Chickens print above the door, alongside its classic logo of a chicken wearing a hat, with a guitar in hand.

There could also be an illuminated ‘welcome and thank you’ sign placed just above the door, below the restaurant sign, if the plans are approved. 

Elsewhere in the documents, there are also details for smaller, red illuminated signs advertising hand-spun shakes, house sauces, chicken sandwiches and fresh tenders.

The restaurant chain, which launched in 2003 in a garage in Fayetteville, Arkansas, now has more than 45 Slim Chickens sites in the UK.

It is well known for its tasty British chicken tenders, crispy wings and range of 15 dipping sauces.

The new restaurant will join the already open Wendys and Greggs, as well as Kervan Kitchen, Hollywood Bowl, Travelodge, Cineworld, Jump Street and more.

Colchester Council will have the final say on the plans.

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