How the Sun plans to cover the 2020 election

At the Colchester Sun, we believe journalism is essential to a functioning democracy. It’s our responsibility to provide you with fair, comprehensive and transparent election coverage so you can perform your civic duty on or before Nov. 3.

In a normal year, newsrooms have until the day before the election to get you the information you need about the people running for local and state offices. But this year, Vermonters are already voting — you’re voting early and by mail, using a system that is as unique to the time we are living in. 

Our news team is working quickly, but diligently, to get you the information you need to make important, informed decisions as soon as possible.

We understand that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and all of its side effects — remote schooling, economic hardship and restricted travel — you might not be as up-to-date on all the election-related issues as you’d like to be. 

That’s why you’ll be able to find all of our election-related information on our designated Election 2020 page

Over the next few weeks, here’s what you can expect from us: 

We will profile the major party candidates in the following statewide races and focus on their stances on issues that are relevant to our readers: 

  • Governor

  • Lieutenant Governor

  • Treasurer

We will also profile candidates from both sides of the aisle in the most competitive races for the Vermont Senate and House of Representatives: 

  • Chittenden 9-1

  • Chittenden 9-2

Every candidate is being interviewed using the same questions, which focus on issues like COVID-19 relief, education, climate change and police reform — issues we know are at the forefront of many readers’ minds at this moment.  

When we sit down to listen back to our interviews and write our stories, we scrutinize statements from politicians and candidates. We provide further context when necessary and edit out or correct factual errors if they arise. 

We’ve already started on helping you understand this election’s voting process. So far, we’ve explained how to check your voter registration status and showed you how to fill out your mail-in ballot

Soon, you can read about how to return your ballot and about what happens to it after it’s delivered to your town clerk. 

Over the next month, we also want to hear from you. Because of the pandemic, our reporters haven’t been out in the community — sitting in coffee shops, attending town meetings — as much as they’d like to. 

So in order to hear from as many of our readers as possible, we’ll be conducting online surveys and polls through our website and social media channels. For example, we might want to know how many of you are voting by mail, and how many are planning to vote in-person. Be sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

If you feel strongly about voting or about a certain candidate, send us a Letter to the Editor

You can also sign up for our daily newsletter, so you never miss a piece of election coverage or an important headline. 

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